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As you might have guessed from the name, Lilies is a nod to the plant genus Lilium. However, this game has more than just a single lily in it. In fact, if we take into account all of the hidden meanings that are present throughout the title and its various mechanics, we can dub Lilies as a nod to South Koreaג€™s political system as well.
In case you arenג€™t familiar with it, South Korea uses a parliamentary system for their government called ג€_x009c_Gaeru Sinmunsaג€_x009d_ or ג€_x009c_Dualism Systemג€_x009d_. Under this system there are two separate power factions: the Left Wing and Right Wing. These factions play off of one another and compete against each other in order to win votes at an election so they can control both halves of the country equally. This system is prevalent not just in South Korea but also in many other countries around the world such as Canada, Japan, New Zealand and Germany (to name some). The name of this political system comes from two different species of lily that grow across South Korea: Lilium pardalinum and Lilium japonicum. The lilies play off of Gaeru Sinmunsa because these two species have both yellow flowers with black centers known as Gaeru meaning left wing , and white flowers which have black centers known as Japangu meaning right wing .

Do lilies come back different colors?

Many lilies do in fact come back different colors. In the case of Lilium japonicum, the flowers will change from yellow to white as they mature. This process is thought to be a result of environmental conditions such as temperature and the amount of sunlight that it receives.
Lilium pardalinum does not change color with age but its leaves will become darker green as they mature. This effect is also attributed to environmental factors such as temperature and humidity.

Do lilies naturalize?

Lilies can be found across South Korea and play a vital role in the nationג€™s political system. As mentioned previously, these lilies are two different species that naturally grow across the country. Whether or not we can classify lilies as naturalized is debatable for a few reasons.
First of all, Lilies is a game about politics, so it would make sense to classify it as a political game. The way that this game has been designed, Lilies could very well be classified as an ג€_x009c_anti-politicalג€_x009d_ game due to the fact that there is no central power faction in this title. There is no one that controls everything, rather there are conflicting sides who try to control each other by using various means such as corruption and propaganda. Secondly, if you take into account the hidden meanings present throughout the title and its mechanics, then you could also argue that Lilies is classified as an ג€_x009c_anti-politicalג€_x009d_ game due to these hidden meanings being anti-central power factions which represent the Left Wing and Right Wing of South Korea’s government system. Finally, while we donג€™t know enough about how lily plants behave in order to classify them fully as naturalized because they aren’t studied members of this plant family (Coryanthes), we do know that they have a symbiotic relationship with fungi which would make them more likely candidates for naturalization over non-symbiotic species like Lilium tigrinum (African Violet

Can oriental lilies change color?

The title of the game is Lilies, which sounds like it would be a game about flowers. However, the game has more in common with South Koreaג€™s political system than your typical flower game.
The name comes from two different species of lilies that grow across South Korea: Lilium pardalinum and Lilium japonicum. These two plants each have yellow flowers with black centers known as Gaeru meaning left wing , and white flowers which have black centers known as Japangu meaning right wing . In terms of color, these lilies can change color.

Will oriental lilies come back?

As the game is set up, it seems like a lot of the players are playing as oriental lilies which represent Gaeru Sinmunsa. This is interesting because traditionally, Lilium pardalinum applies to the left wing and Lilium japonicum applies to the right wing. There doesnג€™t seem to be any other type of lily in this game that represents the Left Wing faction or Right Wing faction. There could be one on either side but it seems like there arenג€™t any others present. It would make sense for this game to feature multiple types of lily because South Korea features various types of lilies due to the dualism system they use in their government. However, it seems like those options were cut out and they just went with one type of lily instead.

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