How Are Lilies Bes Used in the Garden?

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Lilies are beautiful flowers that thrive in the shade of taller plants, such as trees and shrubs. They grow best in moist soil with plenty of organic matter, and donג€™t do well in hot or dry conditions. If you have lily-friendly conditions and a sunny spot in your yard, you can provide lilies with the perfect conditions for growing these fragrant flowers.
In addition to being beautiful, lilies are also useful garden plants. These fragrant blooms are used extensively as cut flowers, or to make perfume or potpourri. You can use them to scent your favorite home decor items, like vases or figurines.
Because they grow best in moist soil with lots of organic matter, theyג€™re also popular choices for including in a naturalistic landscape design. In this article weג€™ll look at how to use lilies successfully in your garden so that you enjoy their beauty and value at the same time!

Where Do You Put Lilies in the Garden?

Lilies will enjoy the following conditions in your garden:
-Moist, rich soil
-Sunny, partially to mostly shady spots
-A variety of plants to create a naturalistic look

How Long Do Lilies Live for in the Garden?

Lilies in the garden can grow to be up to three feet tall. Their long stalks and large, fragrant flowers make them a favorite among many gardeners. The best way to plant lilies is by adding them to larger plants that shade out their crowns, so that they may get the proper amount of sunlight. This will keep your lilies happy and healthy as they continue to grow.
Lilies should be planted in soil thatג€™s moist but well-drained. If you have clay soil, add some organic matter for good drainage and optimal growth. Lilies are tolerant of temperatures up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit, so you can plant them outside during spring and summer months without worrying about the lily plants wilting or dying from hot weather.

What Do Lilies Pair Well With in the Garden?

Lilies are known for their delicate beauty and fragrance, so they can be paired with other flowers or plants that also have these qualities. However, lilies do best in moist soil with plenty of organic matter.
Pair lily flowers with any plants that have these characteristics. You could plant them near sturdy perennials like daylilies, heucheras, and hypericum for a beautiful contrast of color and design. They can also pair well with other fragrant flowers like roses, daisies, or begonias.

What To Do With Lilies When They Finish Flowering?

Lilies are typically grown as annuals, but they can also be grown as perennials in warmer zones. Once they finish flowering, they need to be planted in an area that gets a lot of sun. In cool zones, itג€™s best to plant them in a sheltered location with full sun. You can cut down the top 4 inches of the stem and divide it into two smaller stems if you want to keep the plant going for long periods of time.
When your lilies have finished flowering and you want to move them around the garden, make sure the soil is well drained so that the roots donג€™t rot in wet conditions. Theyג€™ll also do well with some organic matter like compost or mulch, so try adding these ingredients to your new planting site before you put your lily bulbs in.

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