How To Protect Lily Bulbs From Moles?

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In the spring and summer, lily bulbs are favorite garden flowers for many people. But thatג€™s the problem – they love them so much that they want to grow them everywhere, even in dark, damp areas with a lot of moles and rodents. Unfortunately, this is not possible since most lily bulbs require a lot of sunshine to grow well.
Thatג€™s where you come in. You see, if you take care of your lilies so they donג€™t get eaten by predators, then others will follow suit and start planting them in their own gardens. Not only that but it will make it easier for you to spot suspicious spots when it comes to moles or rodents again at some point later on down the track.
To help you protect your lily bulbs from future attacks, read this article until the end for some great tips about how to keep moles and other pests out of your yard without using repellent sprays or chemicals that could harm other wildlife or pets in the area over time…

What Scents Keep Moles Away?

The scent of a predator could be enough to keep moles away from your lilies. You can also use some of these natural repellents that are toxic to moles – like garlic, onions, and cayenne pepper. Another option is to plant strong smelling flowers like wormwood or lavender near the lilies so they donג€™t take the bait.

What Is the Best Mole Vole Repellent?

Moles can be a real nuisance and theyג€™re big enough to cause quite a bit of damage in the garden. If you want to keep them away, there are many things you can do. One thing you can do is try to get your neighbors involved and help out because if one mole has been digging up your flower beds, it could quickly get worse if more moles start coming around.
You might also consider using a repellent to keep moles away from your lily bulbs. These repellents are available at pet stores or on the internet and they usually contain ingredients like castor oil or dust that will keep moles away from the flowers, leaving them safe from the little pests.

1. They require lots of sunlight to grow well
2. Protecting lilies from predators makes it easier for you to spot suspicious spots when it comes to moles or rodents later on down the track
3. Moles can be a real pest in your garden

Do Wind Chimes Keep Moles Away?

Lily bulbs are fragile and vulnerable, so itג€™s important to protect them from predation. One way to do this is to place wind chimes around the area. If the sound of a wind chime is too loud for your preference or the lilies are just too close, you can put a white sheet over them. This will keep away predators who canג€™t stand noise for very long or donג€™t have good hearing.
Another idea is to grow marigolds in a flower bed surrounding your lilies. Marigold flowers are repulsive to moles and other creepy crawlers – they will stay away from anything that looks like this!

How Do You Protect Lily Bulbs?

1. Choose a flower bed with rich soil
2. Provide some shade for the bulbs
3. Keep your plants well watered
4. Do not overplant your garden
5. Donג€™t use any chemical pesticides or sprays

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