How To Store Lily Bulbs?

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In the springtime, you can find beautiful lilies everywhere. But, with their appearance comes another challenge: how to keep them fresh and beautiful all year long! Luckily, there is an answer to this. The good news is that storing your lilies isnג€™t really hard at all. You just need to know a few tricks.
If you are wondering how to store lily bulbs, then keep reading! In this article, we will explain everything you need to know about storing bulbous flowering plants during the winter and extending their life cycle.

How To Make Your Lily Bulbs Multiply?

In order to make your lilies multiply, you need to keep them in a cool, dark place. You should also avoid exposing them to light or heat. This will prevent the blooming bulbs from developing flowers that are not as fragrant.
Store your lily bulbs in a well-ventilated area with temperatures between 50 and 55 degrees Fahrenheit. This range is optimal for the flowerג€™s health, and it will prevent mildew from forming on the bulbs.
The best time of year to store lilies is during their dormant stage about four weeks before the first frost date for your area. Make sure that there is plenty of space for each bulb to grow and be healthy in this location.
If youג€™re storing your lilies indoors, then make sure that they are planted in potting soil; however, if they are being stored outside, then use garden soil.
To help prolong the life cycle of your bulbous plants, avoid fertilizing them when they reach their flowering stages until after their first bloom has finished. And remember: if you want healthy lilies, then donג€™t expose them to too much humidity or water!

When Should I Divide My Lily Bulbs?

The most important question to ask yourself when deciding if you need to divide your lily bulbs is this: ג€_x009c_Does my lily bulb still have a green top?ג€_x009d_ If the answer is yes, then you donג€™t need to divide them. However, if the answer is no or that the top of your lily has turned brown, it means your plant needs to be divided.
To separate your bulbs from one another, you just need to use a simple kitchen knife and chop down into the soil so that they are separated. You can also have a friend help you out with this step in case you’re not confident in doing it on your own! Next, place each bulb into a pot of water and try not to let the water come up over their leaves. Make sure the pots are big enough so that both bulbs fit into them and give your lily bulbs plenty of space so they aren’t crowded. Make sure each pot has drainage holes in it as well!
Now that your lilies have been split into two pots, they will start to grow once again! Just make sure to change out the water in each pot every few days until they die back naturally and then throw away

How Deep Should I Plant My Bulbs?

You may not be sure how deep you should plant your bulbs, so the first step to take is figuring out where you are going to put your bulbs. If you are planning on planting them in a flower bed, then you will want to plant them about 3 inches deep. If you are planning on planting them in a container or planter, then you will want to plant them at least 5-6 inches deep.

How Many Years Do Lily Bulbs Last?

Lily bulbs last a very long time! They can last anywhere from 3-12 years. The length of time the bulb will last depends on how you store them and what you need to do to keep them fresh. For example, storing your bulbs in a cool, dark place will help them last longer than if you were to store them outside in the sun where they would dry out faster. If you want your lilies to live for as long as possible, then make sure that the bulbs don’t dry out and save them with a humidifier or plant food.

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